Yemeni government resigns after standoff with Houthi rebels


Nadia Sakaff, Yemeni Information Minister, on Thursday said in Sana’a that the Middle East country’s government has submitted its resignation.

He said Prime Minister Khaled Bahah, in a letter to President Mansour Hadi, had said “we refuse to be drawn into the maze of non-constructive politics which has no relationship to law or order.

“We decided today (Thursday) to submit our resignation so as not to be a party to what is happening and will happen.

“And, we also did it so as not to be held responsible before God and the people for what others are doing.’’

It would be recalled that the officials supporting Yemeni President Hadi on Wednesday closed the country’s main port in the southern city of Aden.

The rebels stood guard outside Hadi’s Sana’a residence, after seizing the presidential palace.

Also, the Aden — Yemen’s second city and the capital of the formerly independent south, from which Hadi hails — was also closed.

The paramilitary fighters from other southern provinces were reported to be heading to the city to close road crossings between the south and the rest of the country.

The closures were a “response to the coup against the legitimacy of President Hadi’’ and would continue “until matters are resolved in Sana’a’’.

The developments came after two days of clashes in the capital which saw Houthi fighters overwhelm presidential guards.

They also took effective control of the presidential palace as well as the area around Hadi’s residence

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