Woman murdered in Germany over suspected honor killing

Woman murdered in Germany over suspected honor killing


German police said on Thursday in Berlin, that Parents of a 19-year-old lady who was throttled to death in a suspected honour killing have been arrested, along with her uncle and aunt.

Prosecutor Nina Reininger, said the family was of Pakistani extraction and it was believed that the daughter was killed after a disagreement over her desire to marry a man who was not acceptable to the parents.

He said both police and the prosecutors in the city of Darmstadt, south of Frankfurt, said there was compelling evidence against the father, 51, and mother, 41, while the uncle, 39, and aunt, 36, were suspected as accomplices.

Reininger said it was believe that the victim was choked to death in the parents’ apartment on Tuesday night.

He said there was great evidence to show that her grandmother’s wheelchair was used to carry the body to a motor vehicle.

“Her body was taken to the forest in the east of the city and dropped down an embankment by the road, and discovered Wednesday morning,’’he said.

Reininger said the victim held German citizenship, as her parents had immigrated from Pakistan, while precise origin of the uncle and aunt had not yet been established. ( dpa/NAN)

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