Nigerian movies: Linguist expresses concern over poor subtitling

Nigerian movies: Linguist expresses concern over poor subtitling

Kenny Awotorebo

A language expert, Mrs Bosede Alonge on Friday urged film producers to ensure that Nigerian movies were properly subtitled in English and other foreign languages.

Alonge, a Newscaster and Public Relations Practitioner, expressed this concern in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Osogbo.

She said that Nigerian film producers concentrated more on the standard of their film recording and editing, rather than putting more effort on the subtitling being a major aspect of the post-production.

The linguist stressed that the poor subtitling of movies was a cause for serious concern as it was sometimes so bad that it gave the films a different meaning from what the producer intended.

She said that the poor subtitling was also usually believed by the younger generations and the ignorant.

“This is a challenge for movie makers in Nigeria who want to break into the international market. It will amount to bad image, if badly subtitled films get to be watched by professionals outside the country.
Being a source of foreign exchange, the movie industry in Nigeria has grown at a very fast pace that thorough-bred professionals could take advantage of the foreign exchange potentials.
To full take charge of such an industry, intellectuals and professionals must be allowed space in such endeavours, subtitling should not be left in the hands of mediocre,’’ Alonge said.

She said she was in support of producing movies in Nigerian languages, as it appealed to non-speakers, especially when experts helped to translate the lines.

The linguist said however that not all films were badly subtitled, some met international standards, adding that the call was for the huge number who had failed to meet up with modern movie making trends.

“Professional translators and linguists abound in the country, they should be invited on board of qualitative productions to assist in churning out well translated movies and not films that will murder languages,’’ Alonge stressed.


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