Top al-Shabaab commander captured in Somalia

Top al-Shabaab commander captured in Somalia

Kenny Awotorebo

A senior intelligence officer confirmed on Thursday in Mogadishu that an al-Shabaab top commander was captured as he was preparing attacks in Somalia.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said it was too early to name the commander, because investigations were still ongoing.

He said the commander was captured with three other suspected al-Shabaab militants as security forces stormed their hideout in northern Mogadishu.

According to him, security forces seized weapons, explosives and ammunition during the raid.

He said the commander was believed to have masterminded several suicide attacks and assassinations in Mogadishu over the past few months.

Government Spokesman, Ridwan Abdiwali, confirmed that the four had been captured, adding that the government would soon release full information on the arrests.


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