Multichoice ignores the court order and increases subscription fees

Multichoice ignores the court order and increases subscription fees

Ezinne Osuagwu

Enriching lives? well remember early this week when we reported that there was a court injunction preventing dstv from increasing their subscription fees? well, they ignored it and went ahead to implement the increase.

Here’s what gathered

Multichoice Nigeria, the operator of DSTV, has ignored the court order halting its hike in subscription fees and has gone ahead to enforce the new price at all of its outlets. When TheCable visited the Multichoice outlet in Bariga, Lagos, under the guise of purchasing a DSTV bouquet, there was a detailed information on the front desk with information about both the old and new prices. The sales attendant confirmed the implementation of the new price, saying: “It used to be N1,500 (for the cheapest package) but now its N1,800.” Asked why it was no longer N1,500?, she answered: “Because it has been increased.” Asked why the company ignored the court injunction restraining the implementation of the hiked prices, she said: “They have not given us the go-ahead to revert to the old price.”

At the Multichoice outlet in Akoka, Lagos, the price increase was also enforced. The sales person could not provide answers to questions fielded her. “They just increased it maybe because of rise in dollar,” she muttered. TheCable met a subscriber there who was unaware of the court order halting the increase, and he was visibly angry when he discovered. “Don’t worry, when they see wahala, you know Nigerians. Which dollar, dollar that is coming down, this exploitation should stop,” he said. “Let Buhari enter first so that then, we will start our protest. I can’t see the service; you put on DSTV, the service will go and come back. “There is no light. In 24 hours, we have electricity for four hours. What is the service we enjoy that you are increasing?” TheCable also visited the Multichoice outlet at Ikeja city mall, Lagos, and discovered that the new tariff has also been enforced there.

When contacted, Caroline Oghuma, the manager, public relations of DSTV Nigeria, refused to comment. “The case is sub judice, so I can’t comment,” she said. “It’s in court. I cannot comment.” Pressed further on why the enforcement was not withheld until the determination of the suit, she said: “Whatever the situation is, when a case is in court, the people involved cannot comment.”

In March, DSTV announced its intention to increase its tarrif by 20 per cent but was ordered by a federal high court sitting in Lagos to halt implementation of the increase pending determination of a suit filled before it.

we’ll keep you posted as the story unfolds, but what do you all think? Are you okay with the price increase.

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