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Libya wants appeals for arms embargo lift

Libya wants appeals for arms embargo lift

Yvonne Williams

The Libyan government has again appealed to the international community to quickly lift the arms embargo on its army.

It said this is to enable its forces and people appropriately prosecute the war against terrorism, particularly with the escalation of the “horrible” crimes perpetrated by the Islamic State.

The Punch reports that in a communiqué issued on Friday evening, the Libyan government deplored the double-standard policy adopted by western powers with regards to IS.

It said while the world had mobilised to combat IS in Syria and Iraq, it closed its eyes on the massacre of innocent civilians in Libya by the group.

The government cited the recent crimes in the eastern city of Derna where the extremist organisation executed a citizen, Abdoul Cherghaoui, before children aged less than 10 years.

The Libyan branch of IS killed Cherghaoui, a volunteer in the Libyan army, accusing him of espionage.