Greece submits economic reform plan

Greece submits economic reform plan

Fola Akintomide

The Greek government has submitted proposals for economic reforms in a effort to secure a further bailout from its international creditors.

A spokesman for Jeroen Dijsselbloem, who chairs the Eurogroup of finance ministers, said he had received the plans.

Greece’s PM Alexis Tsipras spent the day seeking to gain his government partners’ agreement on the reforms.

The reforms are thought to include tax rises and pension changes.

Mr Tsipras’s proposals will be studied by eurozone finance minister on Saturday, and by EU leaders at a summit in Brussels on Sunday.

The Greek government will also seek parliamentary approval for the reform package.

Greek voters decisively rejected previous austerity proposals from the country’s lenders in a referendum on Sunday.

According to reports in the Greek media, the measures submitted on Thursday evening involve tax rises and spending cuts worth more than 12bn euro – more than those rejected in the referendum.

Greek banks have been closed for nearly a fortnight with limits placed on cash withdrawals.

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