Ooni succession: Prince alleges threat to life

Ooni succession: Prince alleges threat to life

Mfonobong Akpan

The contest for the Ooni stool has taken a dangerous dimension as a prominent figure of the Giesi ruling house, Prince Adekanye Aderibigbe, yesterday alleged threat to his life over his insistence that only a credible and a true prince from the ruling house would be presented to the kingmakers for confirmation.

Prince Aderibigbe, who spoke at the meeting of the ruling house held at Agbedegbede Lane, More, Ife, also assured that Giesi will present a credible candidate that would be acceptable to all to the kingmakers.

The former university don, who was flanked by members of the committee and sub-committee saddled with the responsibility of verifying names submitted as contestants from Giesi, said he had been repeatedly threatened because he insisted that those who are not from the ruling house but now parading themselves as one, would be disappointed because they would not even be considered.

“A man has been parading himself as a member of Giesi Ruling House and newsmen have been echoing it. He is not a member of this house. He is not a member of Giesi.

“Please quote me. I have been threatened over my stand but I am ready for whatever will happen. I am one of the oldest in this compound and we know ourselves. He is not even a member of any ruling house in Ile-Ife. I have been threatened but I am waiting. I will not say God is on my side but I am on God’s side.’’

He also disowned list of contestants said to have been screened by the ruling house, stressing that only the secretary of the ruling house, Prince Ropo Ogunwusi, is empowered to relate with newsmen on the activities of the ruling house.

Asked if he feared government interference might come in during the selection process, Aderibigbe, said: “We harbour no such fear. We have started the process and we know an Ooni that will be acceptable will emerge at the end of the day.

“Interference of any kind will not happen. Whenever we want to pick our candidate, all of you will know and the kingmakers will after that take over. I did not say Ifa oracle will not have a say but Ifa will only choose from the candidates presented to it and Giesi will present a credible person that will occupy the throne.”


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