Driver dies as truck hits high tension wire in Jakande Estate

Driver dies as truck hits high tension wire in Jakande Estate

Yvonne Williams

A yet-to-be-identified truck driver on Wednesday morning got electrocuted after his trailer hit a high tension wire while trying to enter the Jakande Estate, in the Isolo area of Lagos.

Residents of the area, who spoke with the Punch, said the incident happened around 8am.

Commercial activities were grounded in the area as residents, commercial motorcyclists and traders besieged the scene of the accident.

The chairman of the commercial motorcyclists in the Jakande Estate, who identified himself simply as Aremu, said the truck driver was trying to enter the estate to take a consignment of woods.

He said the victim, whose corpse had since been taken to the morgue, was in company with two others who sat with him in the front seat of the truck.

Aremu said that when the truck suddenly stopped while trying to approach the gate, the driver poked his head to see what was blocking the truck and mistakenly placed his hands on a metallic part of the truck.

He said, “He didn’t know that the front of the truck had touched a high tension wire, the driver, who was seated with two others in the trailer, noticed that the truck suddenly got stuck. So he poked out his head out of the window. While he was trying to open the door, he got electrocuted. He struggled to get out of the car but his strength failed him. He finally hit his head on the pavement. His clothes was already burnt

“Meanwhile, the other two , having seen what happened to the truck driver managed to escape through the other door but sustained injuries on their arms.

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