All they want is for everybody to see me like a thief- Metuh opens up about ill treatment

Ezinne Osuagwu

The Peoples Democratic Party’s director of new media, Adeyanju Deji, narrated how he visited Olisa Metuh, the PDP’s spokesperson, EFCC last week  and he narrated the  details of his visit in a series of tweets see here, posted on Wednesday, January 13, Deji stated that even though Metuh looked grey and tired, he said that he was strong and nobody would break him.

Deji further quoted Metuh saying: “They have tried to blackmail & spoil my name. Just imagine all they have said about me. Telling lies against me.

“First they said I was collecting N5million Naira monthly from office of NSA, imagine if u were my staff how u will feel hearing that. Imagine how all the news people & my staff working with me felt when they heard I was collecting N5milion Naira from Dasuki. They will say so this man was a wicked man. So he was collecting money from Dasuki & other places & was always telling us no money.

“Then they said I received N1.4billion, another big lie. All what they wanted was for everybody to see me like a common thief & hate me.

“Finally they came back to say I only got N400million. I have made a statement that former president asked me to do an assignment 4 him. In my statement, I stated that former president Jonathan gave me an assignment, he asked for an account & I gave him my company account. I got N400m which I used for the job he asked me to do. I gave a report to him of job done & he was satisfied. I have a copy of the report I submitted to the former president. EfCC asked me who I shared the money to & said it’s not their buz.

“That if they have any evidence against me, they should charge me to court. I have not called anyone’s name & will never call anyone. It is not a crime to carry out an assignment for a president & successfully do it as well. I have no regrets.

“They asked me for a copy of my report to the former president. I asked them are they the Court? I stated in my statement that it is a lie that I was collecting N5m Naira monthly from Dasuki or anyone in GEJ’s government. I stated they should investigate me thoroughly. If I have ever received any kobo from any parastatal or agency then I will plead guilty.”

Deji noted that Metuh commended the PDP and all members of the party for the great job during the governorship elections in Bayelsa state.

Continuing his narration, Metuh was quoted to have said:

“Imagine the EFCC boss sent my lawyer to me to ask me to return some of the money from the N400m. Unbelievable.

“Deji this government are not interested in democracy or civil liberty at all. You are guilty once they say so.

“Reason why they are doing media trials is because they have noting to offer this nation. That’s why they are doing this Telemundo.

“All what we told them is the same thing the IMF woman came to tell them. We told them u can’t borrow to fund 2016 budget. What we told them about Dollar is what they have finally agreed to do now. They have no ideas or clue about governance.

“They don’t believe in democracy or the notion of “innocent before proven guilty.” They want to silent every critic.”

Meanwhile, the PDP’s lawmakers in the House of Representatives have ordered the anti-graft agency to release of the party’s spokesman within 48 hours. According to them, it is “unconstitutional to detain anyone who has not been charged for a crime by a competent court of jurisdiction”.

Earlier this week, Metuh filed a suit through his lawyer before a Federal High Court in Lagos, seeking his immediate release from custody.

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