Corruption: Buhari goes tough on public officers’ asset declaration

Corruption: Buhari goes tough on public officers’ asset declaration

Yvonne Williams

There are strong indications that the President Muhammadu Buhari administration has directed all Federal Government ministries, departments and agencies to ensure that their members of staff comply with the law on asset declaration.

According to findings by the Punch on Friday, with the presidential directive, all public office holders are required to declare their assets.

It was learnt that the Federal Government was determined to take the issue of asset declaration seriously as part of the moves to fight corruption.
Findings showed that the order must have informed the directive by the Nigerian Army and the Nigeria Customs Service that their officers should declare their assets.

A senior government official, who confided in the Punch said that the administration would not only ensure that public office holders declared their assets, anti-graft agencies would monitor their incomes and the wealth they had acquired.

He added that the law on asset declaration does not only apply to politicians holding public offices, but also civil servants.

The source said, “The government has directed that all public officers must declare their assets. Some people wrongly believe that asset declaration only applies to politicians. Civil servants are also required to declare their assets; that is what the law says. But the law does not require them to make public assets they have declared.

“There are many civil servants with many mansions in Abuja. Anti-graft agencies will now be matching their incomes with their wealth.”


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