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#FCTDecides: Youths go on rampage over missing ballot papers

#FCTDecides: Youths go on rampage over missing ballot papers

Mfonobong Akpan

Youths in Bako Village, Kwali Area Council of the FCT on Saturday went on rampage, following the discovery that 500 ballot papers were missing in their polling unit.

A witness told the News Agency of Nigeria that after accreditation and voting, the presiding officer of the Dabi polling unit counted the ballot papers and discovered that instead of 3000 ballot papers, he had 2,500.

”This led to arguments between the presiding officer, party agents and party supporters at the centre, resulting in violence that left two people injured.

The situation was however, brought under control by security agents attached to the centre”, Jeremiah Isaiah said.

”The party supporters believe that the 500 missing ballot papers have been taken to a place where they will be thumb printed in favour of a particular party.”

Shops were locked and no business activity was noticed, but the area was peaceful as calm had returned to the village.

Also four new polling centres in Kwali attracted very little crowd compared with the seven existing polling centres.

At one of the polling units, Police Barrack Unit, there were two registered voters while a combined team of INEC officials, security and party agents were 13.
Dahiru Abubakar, the Electoral Officer in Kwali, confirmed the incident in Dabi Village, saying that the violence in the centre could affect the election if the votes cast was more than the number of registered voters.