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Kaduna’s Accidental Public Servant and Nigeria’s Accidental Social Critics

Kaduna’s Accidental Public Servant and Nigeria’s Accidental Social Critics


By James Ogunjimi

What is happening in Kaduna and the silence of Nigeria’s social critics is testimony to the fact that hypocrisy is indeed a Nigerian.

In saner climes, all attention would be beamed on Kaduna and the glaring incompetence of its Chief Security Officer. But here in Nigeria, because those masquerading as social critics and hiding under the tag of public commentator to give tacit support to certain political actors want the news about the Kaduna crisis to go away, they will do anything and say anything but talk about the Kaduna crisis.

If this were a just society and human conscience had not yet been mortgaged for pecuniary gains, Kaduna Governor, Mallam Nassir Elrufai should not still be in power, he should be standing trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Kaduna’s Accidental Public Servant and Nigeria’s Accidental Social Critics

Since he was sworn in, Kaduna state has become a daily nightmare of gunshots, arson and mass slaughtering. Over 340 shiites were killed by the army in Kaduna and instead of finding a way to quell the tension, the governor banned the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. This, for those who can discern how Boko Haram started.

Recently, over 800 people were killed in Southern Kaduna, houses burnt and countless wounded. If you count the number of people that have been killed in Kaduna since the Governor was sworn in, you will understand why silence on these killings is in itself a crime.

The governor himself came out to say that he traced some of the Fulani herdsmen to Cameroon and Niger Republic and paid them not to attack his state. If ever there was an irresponsible act of governance, that is it. For a chief security officer of a state to admit to bribing herdsmen not to attack his state is the height of incompetence.

Unfortunately, our celebrated social critics and social media influencers will rather talk about Governor Fayose, discuss Pastor Adeboye, lambast Governor Wike, call for the removal of Senate President, Bukola Saraki, stand with Buhari rather than talk about the show of shame going on in Kaduna.

Apparently, Fayose deciding to eat ponmo and Shaki by the roadside is more important than over 1300 people getting killed in Kaduna. Adeboye’s resignation is more interesting than the Kaduna killings. Wike’s leaked audio tape requires more attention than those being massacred in Kaduna and the power play between the Senate and the Executive arms of power must be discussed extensively before attention can be paid to the Kaduna massacre.

Kaduna’s Accidental Public Servant and Nigeria’s Accidental Social Critics

But it gets more embarrassing every day. The hypocrisy stinks to high heavens and the stench can no longer be covered. The same people that celebrated every Boko Haram victory and downplayed victories of the Nigerian army under the Jonathan administration are suddenly quiet on the Kaduna massacre. For shame!

There is no better time to tell Kaduna’s accidental public servant to get out. You cannot supervise the killing of your people, pay herdsmen bribe and yet they still attack your state with AK-47s and you still have the shamelessness to declare intentions to rule Nigeria. No.

The time is ripe to tell Nigeria’s selective social critics to either speak up or shut up altogether. If you want to be a social critic or public commentator, be one and if you want to be a foot soldier of political actors, be man or woman enough to do just that because trying to play for two teams always backfire.