James Ibori set to appeal against conviction for corruption

James Ibori set to appeal against conviction for corruption

Yvonne Williams

James Ibori, former governor of Delta state, who was arrested in Dubai, and subsequently extradited to the UK upon conviction of fraud in 2012, therefore landing a 13-year jail sentence is set to appeal against charges levelled against him.

After serving four and a half years and agreeing to be deported from the U.K, the former governor regained freedom in December.

On Friday, Ibori appeared before a court for confiscation trial at Southwark Crown court in order to determine if his assets should be seized after serving his jail term.

However, Ibori’s lawyers argued that the Crown was trying to delay the suit, praying the court to rule that government was abusing its powers by seeking to detain Ibori any further on the premise that his assets confiscation case remained undecided.

A reward compensation to Ibori for “unlawful detention” was also asked.

Speaking outside the court on Tuesday, Ibori disclosed without details to BBC’s Mark Eastman that he was planning to appeal his conviction and return to Nigeria.

When asked how soon his trip home would be, he said “as soon as possible, may be in a matter of days.”

James Ibori is appealing against his British conviction for corruption, claiming the Metropolitan Police investigation was itself knee deep in corruption. Suggestions are being made that police officers involved in the case took bribes.

“I have been unfairly treated, that’s all I can say,” Mr Ibori told the BBC.
Adding, “Yes, I am, of course. I have made that decision personally and I have instructed my solicitors.”


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