Audu Maikori collapses at Muson Centre

Audu Maikori collapses at Muson Centre

Yvonne Williams

Chocolate City founder and activist, Audu Maikori allegedly collapsed during the on-going 2017 Women in Management, Business and Public Service (WIMBIZ) holding at Muson Center.

According to LIB,  the reason for the collapse is yet unknown but luckily people at the venue were able to revive him. He has been therefore taken to St Nicholas hospital for further treatment.

He was said to have finished moderating the Q and A sessions with EbonyLife TV CEO, Mo Abudu and was taking selfie with fans before he collapsed.

It should be noted that this comes barely three weeks after his arrest by DSS for sharing ‘untrue stories’ relating to the Southern Kaduna killing, In case you missed it read here and here.  He was later released on bail 24 hours later following online campaign for his release,

However recent updates say  Kaduna state Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, declared that the music mogul will face the full brunt of the law for publishing “fake stories and pictures.”

“We are going to prosecute him. He was arrested. His statement has been taken. He is on bail. He is going to be prosecuted. His fate will be decided by a judge,” El-Rufai said.

While insisting that he had no personal grouse against Audu, the governor noted that prosecuting him would serve as a deterrent to people who spread untrue information on social media and would help rein in the scourge of fake news.

He said, “It is not personal. I have nothing against him. In fact, he has worked with the state government in the past. But I’m not going to sit as the governor of Kaduna state and allow anyone to post or tweet anything that leads to loss of lives without consequences.”

El-Rufai said, was informed about the untrue nature of his posts but still doubled down on them.
“He posted fake pictures of Boko Haram attacks, Rwandan genocide, as Southern Kaduna killings. It is totally irresponsible to do that.

“Even when it was pointed out to him that the information was untrue, he still posted that he stood by his story. He questioned the authenticity of the press statement. He was totally and completely irresponsible.” The governor said .

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