Racism: Indian Mob brutally attack Nigerian students (Video)

Racism: Indian Mob brutally attack Nigerian students (Video)

Yvonne Williams

Nigerian students in India have now become a primary target for violence in recent times.

On March 27, residents had gathered for a candle-light march for a 17-year-old boy who had died last week due to suspected drug overdose but the peaceful march however turned violent in no time when Nigerians who were blamed for the boy’s death were spotted at the Ansal Mall and the Indians came at them. Residents believed they supplied him with drugs which led to his eventual death.

The residents had been angered as Nigerians detained in connection with the murder were released over “lack of evidence”.


The boy’s parents had alleged that the foreigners had kidnapped him and given him drugs which caused his death.

Spotted noticeably in the centre of the attack was a defenceless black man identified as Nigerian; he was attacked to the point when he became motionless, but even then the attackers will not stop.

Africans living in India are frequently subjected to discrimination and violence and are often accused of involvement in the illegal drug trade.

Following the attacks, Sushma Swaraj, India’s external affairs minister, has promised a “fair and impartial investigation.”


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