Exam Malpractise; Five school principals demoted in Ebonyi

Exam Malpractise; Five school principals demoted in Ebonyi

Yvonne Williams

Five principals in Ebonyi State have been demoted to classroom teachers by the state government for their involvement in examination malpractice in the 2016 Senior Schools Certificate Examination.

This was announced by the Ebonyi State Commissioner for Education, John Ekeh, while speaking with journalists on Thursday.

This came after reports by the West African Examination Council, WAEC, indicted 20 schools and some officials of complicity in examination malpractice.

According to Mr. Ekeh, a professor, the five principals of public secondary schools indicted have been demoted while 25 other teachers and supervisors involved will be paid half salaries for three months.

He said the 15 private schools indicted in the report will not be allowed to participate in SSCE for one year while they will pay fine of N100,000 into government coffers to serve as a deterrent to others.

He noted that out of the 20 schools indicted, five are public schools while 15 are private schools.

Mr. Ekeh said the five principals indicted were demoted to classroom teachers.


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