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Gully Erosion Kills Two Teenagers In Delta State

Jayfred Ugo

Jayfred Ugo

The people of Alibioba Community in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State have witnessed the death of two teenagers in their community.

According to eyewitness reports, the two brothers identified as Testimony Okwuokenye, 15, and Godwin Okwuokenye, 11, were both on their way home when they reportedly fell into a deep gully few meters away from their own house.

The father of the deceased boys said in an interview:

“That day, Thursday, I went to our garden with my children, Testimony and Godwin. When we discovered that the weather was changing, threatening to rain, we rushed home. When we got home, it was already drizzling and, both of them carried some basins to gather water.

“Then, I went into my room and decided to lie down on the bed. That was how I slept off. Few minutes later, I heard some knock on the door and when I opened, the boy who was knocking said to me, “Sir, are you the father of Testimony? I said, “Yes.” Then, he said to me that flood carried both of them.

“He said that Godwin, my younger son, fell into the gutter and Testimony, the elder one, in a bid to rescue the younger brother, was swept away with Godwin.

“When I heard this, I quickly rushed out to the scene. But at Uromi Junction axis, I found a crowd of rescue team who had rescued one of them, whom I quickly rushed to the hospital where doctors at the Central Hospital, Agbor, confirmed that he was already dead.

“The second boy was discovered the following morning and he was also already dead,” the father said while sobbing.

The residents have complained about the gully and how it has continuously claimed the lives of teenagers. During the rainy season, many kids have been rescued from the gully; some dead, others badly injured. Most of those who were rescued, according to the residents, were pupils of Alibioba primary school as well as students from Agbor Technical college.