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Nigeria Immigration Service [NIS]
Nigeria Immigration Service [NIS]

Nine Illegal Immigrants Apprehended On Their Way To Libya From Kano

Jayfred Ugo

Jayfred Ugo

Officials of the Nigeria Immigration Service [NIS] in Kano have apprehended nine illegal immigrants, including seven Cameroonians and two Ghanaians who were leaving Kano for Libya.

According to the Assistant Controller of Immigration Charge in Kano State, Mr Olaide Ishaka Yusuf, the immigrants had no legal documents whatsoever indicating their nationality or affiliation with Nigeria.

He affirmed based on intel that the nine immigrants were suspected to be part of an international crime ring specialized in human trafficking and other criminal acts in West Africa.

He explained that the immigrants were arrested on their way to Daura, which happens to be the hometown of President Buhari, where the immigrants were scheduled to take a ferry to Libya.

Yusuf disclosed to newsmen that he has established contact with relatives of the immigrants and most of them confirmed they were involved in crimes and fled their respective countries.

"A father of one of the illegal migrants in Ghana said that he has spent a huge amount of money training his son but he refuses to be responsible rather he engaged in criminal activities resulting in his several jail terms. Therefore anything we wish to do with him including eliminating him the father approved to us,” Yusuf stated.