Senator Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan
Senator Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan

“Stop Killing Our Citizens,” Senate Warns South African Government

Margaret Solace

The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has extended a cautionary notice to the South African government, stating that the incessant murders of Nigerians by South African citizens should be brought to a standstill.

This notice was communicated by the President of the Senate, Ahmed Lawan, who expressed in a senate sitting that the South African government has enjoyed good acts from the Nigerian government and these deeds should be reciprocated without levity.

The Nigerian ambassador to South Africa was beckoned upon to give an account of the situation surrounding the demise of Elizabeth Ndubuisi-Chukwu, the Deputy Director-General of Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria, whose death adds to the toll of 127 murder cases within four years.

While assessing the Deputy Director-General’s death, the Senate instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to meticulously investigate Ndubuisi-Chukwu’s death and to also forewarn intending Nigerian travellers of the unfriendly situation.

This decision was made after Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe of the Abia-South Senatorial district raised a point of order that earmarked considerations about Elizabeth Ndubuisi-Chukwu’s murder.

The Senate President stated, “Nigeria as a country is tired of the killings and therefore, we believe that the relationship between South Africa and Nigeria must be better. There must be respect for each other.”

Noting the protection enjoyed by South African citizens and businesses from the federal government, Lawan called for the halt of the killings in order to avoid severe consequences.

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