Samson Siasia’s 
Samson Siasia’s 

Kidnappers Of Samson Siasia’s Mother Yet To Contact Family

Bernard Femi

Former Nigerian coach, Samson Siasia, is concerned about his mother, Madam Ogere Siasia, who was recently kidnapped in Odoni community, Sagbama Local Government Area, Bayelsa State. She was abducted around 2 am on Monday along with a woman and her 17-year-old granddaughter.

The people of the community are worried, as it is a usual practice for abductors to call the family members of their victims. It has also been confirmed by Samson Siasia that his mother is hypertensive and would require her anti-hypertensive drugs if she is to survive. This is a major concern for the family members, as they are all expecting a call from the abductors.

The gunmen were able to access the community using speedboats on River Nun, which is a major river that crosses the community. They gained access to the apartment by breaking through the front door and taking their victims to locations that are yet unknown.

Harrison, 93, happens to be the husband of Ma Ogere, as she is fondly called, and has been worried sick about why she is always their target.

He said, “I am appealing to the abductors to release my wife. Why are they always kidnapping my wife?”

The police are still looking for crumbs to follow to ascertain the identities of the abductors. We hope they find them as soon as possible so the kidnapped can all return home safely to their loved ones.

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