Nigeria Customs Service
Nigeria Customs Service

Customs Service Intercepts Ambulance With Cartons Of Tramadol Worth N2.8M 

Austin Papi

On Wednesday, July 17, the Nigeria Customs Service [NCS], Apapa Command, intercepted an ambulance which had in its possession 10 cartons of banned drugs, Tramadol.

The ambulance with registration number “LND605XW” was loaded with N2.8M worth of drugs. Two suspects have been apprehended in relation to the banned drugs which were reportedly smuggled out of Apapa Port. Further investigations are being made by the NCS to uncover the person or persons behind the drug trafficking.

Last year November, the Nigeria Customs Service, Tin Can Island Command, announced that it had intercepted 11 40-foot containers and two 20-foot containers of Tramadol. Also, Apapa Port revealed that 40-foot containers of that same drug worth N7.3Billion were seized. The customs now have reason to believe there is a drug syndicate in Lagos that is trying their possible best to ship these illegal drugs into the state.

Tramadol is a drug prescribed for severe pain. It is like a narcotic drug that helps stimulate the brain to change how it reacts to pain. The drug is highly addictive. Hence, there are deadly consequences. If a user stops using the drug, they tend to experience withdrawal symptoms, including anxiety, restlessness, sleeplessness, profuse sweating, nausea, muscle ache and diarrhea. Therefore, it was banned by the medical board of Nigeria.

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