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Senator Elisha Abbo
Senator Elisha Abbo

Court Fixes August 20 For Senator Elisha Abbo’s Trial 

Bernard Femi

The embattled politician, Senator Elisha Abbo, who was recently caught on video physically assaulting a nursing mother in a sex toy shop is to face trial in court on August 20, 2019.

Several people spoke on this issue and also condemned the act committed by a public figure in a position of authority. Yet, the case does not have a final verdict as it has been taken to court.

Abbo will be tried in court for the offence bordering on criminal force and assault, contrary to section 263 and 264 of the penal code.

Abdullahi Ilelah of the Magistrate’s Court, Abuja, has also called on the prosecution counsel to provide the defendant’s counsel with relevant materials which may be useful in defending his client during the trial.

Senator Elisha Abbo was arraigned in court on July 8 as a result of the initial investigation. James Idachaba, the prosecution counsel, applied for an adjournment as he stated that he needed more time.

He said he received the case file late, insisting that the video which had gone viral had to be investigated properly and he had to provide the necessary materials needed. He cited Sections 350 (2) of the Administration of the Criminal Justice Act 2015. The court granted his request and the trial was adjourned till August 20.