Senate Urges Buhari To Release Ministerial List Before Friday

Margaret Solace

The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to produce the list of ministerial nominees before the commencement of the red chamber’s two-month annual recess.

This was made known to newsmen by Senator Adedayo Adeyeye, the Chairman, Senate Ad-hoc Committee on Media and Public Affairs.

President Buhari had earlier stated that he needed time to carefully appoint people he could trust for the positions. Thus, the delay in the submission of the list.

However, the Senate has made it known that it will proceed on the recess whether or not the list is produced before the due date.

“If the list does not come before Friday, the Senate will proceed on its annual recess. We are not giving the president any ultimatum. The schedule of the Senate will go ahead if the Senate does not receive the list. The list is the only thing that can hold us back,” Senator Adeyeye stated.

Adeyeye also maintained that the president has the right to submit the list whenever he wishes to and the Senate is obligated to review the list whenever it is ready, as the house is more concerned about the interest of the nation.

He continued, “However, any time they submit the list, we will consider it. It is not our responsibility to put pressure on the president. We can be recalled whenever the list is submitted even if we are already on recess, in the overriding national interest.”

Meanwhile, there is a deliberation that the recess may be postponed, as it will require a minimum of two weeks to screen the thirty-six shortlisted candidates.

As a result of the difference of opinion, the house is yet to conclude on the postponement which was proposed by Senate President Ahmed Lawan.

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