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Nigeria Police Force (NPF)
Nigeria Police Force (NPF)

Rat Ate Your Baby’s Ear, Not Ritualists - Police Tells Aggrieved Parents

Jayfred Ugo

Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Igwe, a couple from Ebonyi State residing in Onitsha, Anambra, went to Victory Children's clinic in Onitsha with their five-day-old baby girl who was seriously ill.

The baby reportedly died in the presence of the parents while they were processing the hospital admission but the parents could not collect the corpse that same day, so they arrived the following day for the retrieval of their baby's corpse only to find their baby's right ear missing.

The couple accused the hospital and the doctor in charge, Dr Oliver Umeh, of rituals and demanded that they be paid the sum of N10M as compensation for the missing ear. The deceased parents also wrote several petitions to the Inspector General of Police, Nigerian Medical Association, and even the wife of the Governor of Anambra State, Ebelechukwu Obiano.

After intense investigations and two autopsies, the police established the fact that the ear was eaten by rodents. Detectives also visited the scene, carried out postmortem examinations which led to a similar conclusion that rodents were responsible for the missing ear. Around the part of the severed ear were serrated edges which could only have been made by the teeth of rodents not knife or a cutting tool.

"There is nothing of evidential value linking Dr Oliver Umeh to the alleged crime in the course of investigation as no enough evidence abound on the allegation linking Dr. Oliver Umeh to any crime,” the police concluded.