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President Buhari and Shehu Sani
President Buhari and Shehu Sani

Shehu Sani Blames Buhari And APC For The Shiite, Police Crisis In Abuja

Jayfred Ugo

Jayfred Ugo

The ex-senator representing Kaduna central, Shehu Sani, has blamed President Muhammadu Buhari’s government for the recent crisis between the Shiites and the Nigerian police in Abuja. The crisis, which reached a shocking climax on Monday, claimed at least five lives and led to the destruction of government properties.

The human rights activist, who is known for standing up for the rights of the people, especially on Twitter, has pointed accusing fingers at the All Progressives Congress [APC] led government and Buhari for failing to curb the crisis and adhering to the court ruling which ordered the release of the Shiite's leader, Ibraheem El Zakzaky.

He took to social media to say:

“A spade is called a spade and not a spoon. The government is the causative agent of the needless crisis and clashes with the Islamic Movement. The detention of their leader and the persecution of their members and the disrespect for court orders is the real threat to peace and not the reverse.

He also offered his condolences to Channels TV that lost a serving National Youth Service Corps [NYSC] reporter, as well as the police who lost an officer and also to the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria [IMN] over the deaths of their protesters during the clash in Abuja.

"The government’s approach to solving most of the nation’s needless crisis is that of chewing a mouthful of pebbles with the hope that it will become carrots,” he further criticised the government.