Shiite, police clash
Shiite, police clash

International Community Condemns Killing Of Journalist, Police Officer

Bernard Femi

The recent clash between members of the Islamic Movement, also known as Shiites, and the police has attracted so many reviews from several international bodies, especially those in Africa.

The matter escalated when a young man, Precious Owolabi, a member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) that was attached to Channels TV, was shot dead along with some security officials.

The protest, which was meant to be peaceful, turned into a gruesome one, leaving many injured and some dead. This incident has been condemned by international communities who wonder why sectarian extremism prevails in the world, especially in Nigeria.

According to a statement issued in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, the Vice President of the International Centre for Justice (ICJ) (Africa Regional Affairs) condemns anyone or group that facilitates the activities of members of the Shiites group. He has also advised that the government should put in place effective measures in order to stop this situation from escalating further.

He also stated that Nigeria is definitely not ready to add another terror group to its list, as we still have numerous security issues to solve. Hopefully, adequate measures can be put in place to avoid such occurrences from happening again.

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