Nigerian Government To Ban Milk Importation - Godwin Emefiele

Austin Papi

The Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria [CBN], Godwin Emefiele, has announced that the government would put major restrictions on the importation of milk into the country as soon as possible.

He made this revelation shortly after a Monetary Policy Committee [MPC] meeting. The Governor of CBN, who is currently serving his second term in that role as the summit leader of the Monetary Policies in Nigeria, explained that Nigeria spends between $1.2-1.5BN in importing milk and diary products alone when it could be produced in the country.

"We have cows, if the cows are positioned in places without roaming around and they are given water to drink and grass to eat, they will be able to produce quality milk,” he said.

Emefiele also said that the government had already entered an agreement with officials of dairy companies to enable them to get their raw materials from Nigeria, even if it means setting up an education system for herders and ranches to carry out the experiment.

“We have met with some milk-producing companies almost three times in Lagos for them to begin backward integration and bring their investments to Nigeria and begin production here in this country,” he added

Friesland Campina, owners of the Peak milk brand, has pledged its commitment in helping the country develop its own dairy industry. With their Dairy Development Programme, they have worked with 3,500 farmers across five milk collection centres. They also promised to invest an additional €23 million and groom 500 herders, but the company lamented the lack of incentives in the private sector to encourage such investments.

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