Sheikh El-Zakzaky
Sheikh El-Zakzaky

Protest Continues Until We Have Our Leader Back - Shiites 

Bernard Femi

There was a clash between members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), also known as the Shiites, and the police recently in Abuja, which left many injured and some dead.

Reports suggest that members of the Islamic group are ready to engage in another protest.

They have insisted that until their leader, Sheikh El-Zakzaky, and his wife are released, they will continue their protest and there must also be no form of police brutality.

A statement issued in Kaduna gave hints that the Shiites are preparing for another protest from Zaria to Kaduna due to the continued detention of their leader, El-Zakzaky. The news spread like wildfire, making various traders and artisans leave the area in order to stay safe.

Subsequently, security officials, including the police as well as the army were placed in strategic locations on the roads, junctions, streets and other places that were vulnerable. There was continuous movement of patrol vans across the streets to ensure that everywhere was void of the Shiites movement.

One of the group’s prominent leaders, Sheikh Abdulhamid Bello Zaria, has said that the security agencies are trying so hard to portray the Shiites group as a terrorist organisation. He also wants SARS to grant them access to their wounded members so they can attend to their medical needs.

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