President Muhammadu Buhari 
President Muhammadu Buhari 

Buhari To Collaborate With The Private Sector On Pressing National Issues 

Margaret Solace

President Muhammadu Buhari has disclosed that the Federal Government of Nigeria will work hand in hand with the private sector to actively combat the numerous challenges faced in the country.

President Buhari made this known while speaking at the Presidential Policy Retreat at the State House, Abuja. He also mentioned that the progressive growth of the nation strongly relies on the state of the economy.

The two-day event housed experts who made admonitions, through various presentations, on how to solve the problems of the country. These recommended solutions involved working with the private sector to curb criminality, insurgency and killings by herders.

The attendees were then informed by the president that his administration would review the recommendations presented by the experts with the purpose of implementing them.

He said, “As we come to the end of this Presidential Policy Dialogue Session, the key proposals made by the experts will be considered by the Federal Government over the next four years.”

President Muhammadu Buhari further revealed that these proposals would be the first assignment to be handled by his soon-to-be inaugurated members of the cabinet.

The president then concluded with the remark that although the majority of the proposals were directed at the federal government, the state governments are also expected to put in more effort in various sectors, including education and healthcare.

Furthermore, he stated that the collective goal of the administration is to help alleviate the citizens from poverty and to enormously improve the state of the country in all areas.

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