Obi Chinedu
Obi Chinedu

Policemen Shoot 24-Year-Old Uniport Student

Bernard Femi

A video of a young man that was abandoned on the ground after being shot at a police station in Sango Ota, Ogun State, recently went viral on social media.

The young man, Obi Chinedu, a 24-year-old student of the University of Port Harcourt, requested to call his father before he died but his plea was ignored by several police officers as they left him writhing in his pool of blood in need of urgent medical attention.

His brother, Obi Udochukwu, revealed in an interview that Chinedu's arrest occurred after he had an altercation with a saleswoman in a mobile phone store in Sango Ota following a misunderstanding between both parties which led to a brawl. Chinedu was eventually handed over to the police at the Sango Ota station where he was detained till the following day.

The victim was eventually bailed out by his friends a few days after his arrest. Aggrieved by his previous detention, he went back to the store to cause more trouble, vandalising store properties and even threatening the life of the sales personnel who caused his earlier detention. These actions led to his second arrest in the same police station.

According to the police officers, the victim broke away from his handcuff that was used to restrain him while he was being interrogated, picked up an axe and proceeded to carry out more acts of vandalism at the station, damaging several cars in the process. This resulted in his shooting.

Attempts to reach the spokesperson of Ogun State Police Command, Mr Abimbola Opeyemi, were futile as he didn't respond to multiple calls and messages directed to him.

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