IGP, Mohammed Adamu
IGP, Mohammed Adamu

TMG Leader Warns Police To Prepare For More Protests

Margaret Solace

The Transition Monitoring Group has openly criticized the prohibition slammed on protests by the Nigerian police.

The group did this with comments explaining the right and liberty to stage protests and demonstrations as established by the law court.

Dr. Abiola Akiyode Afolabi, the Presiding Officer of TMG, stated this while speaking to newsmen on the issue of protests and revolutions.

Afolabi stated that the ban placed on these demonstrative activities will only attract more of such, and so, the Inspector General of Police should be prepared.

She also made it known that the recurrent disregard for the rule of law, destabilization of the basic needs of the citizens and the desecration of the citizens’ fundamental human rights will only strengthen the protests rather than halt them.

“Nigerians have rights to peaceful assembly and this has been established by our courts long before now, it’s not the same thing as a treasonable felony, the IGP’s statement is unwarranted,” she further stated.

In conclusion, she said: “The IGP should be ready for more protests as long as the current regime continues to subvert the wishes of the people, abuse the rule of law and violate human rights of the people.”

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