DSS Arrests Top Nigerian Journalist For Supporting #RevolutionNow On Social Media

Jayfred Ugo

Jayfred Ugo

A former politics editor at Daily Trust newspaper, Ibrahim Dan-Halilu, was arrested in his residence in Rigachikun, Kaduna State, on Monday evening by DSS operatives for reportedly supporting the activities of the ‘RevolutionNow’ movement through his social media posts.

The 'RevolutionNow' protest, which was staged in some parts of the country on Monday, saw a large turnout of protesters on the streets, especially in Lagos and Abuja.

Nigerians used social media to bare their minds and the journalist, Dan-Halilu, who is known for his articles and political-related posts on social media, wasted no time in sharing his opinion.

Dan-Halilu was asked by a Facebook user what the 'RevolutionNow' movement was all about and if he was part of it, he replied:

"The aim of the revolution is to challenge the uncommon hardship (...) why we have 16m children on the street; challenge why we have become the poverty capital of the world; challenge why we have 20 persons with corrupt cases as federal legislators and would-be ministers.

"It is time to ask why those in government travel abroad for medical care when they have left our hospitals dilapidated; why they send their children to school abroad when our children learn under mango trees?”

According to reports, operatives of the Department of State Service (DSS) arrested the journalist for the above statement he made on his Facebook page. Dan-Halilu had also said on Facebook that Nigeria is currently not what he dreamt of, adding that the country needs restructuring. He also requested politicians to put an end to spending huge sums on infrastructure, like electricity, while the people live in darkness.

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