Senator Shehu Sani 
Senator Shehu Sani 

Attacks On Protesters Condemned By Senator Shehu Sani

Bernard Femi

In a statement made available to journalists in Abuja on Monday, Senator Shehu Sani, condemned unwanted attacks on protesters who demanded good governance across the country.

He further noted that the principles and values of democracy were undermined by security operatives who had to employ violent measures to restrain the protesters, adding that the Federal Government has subscribed to the Machiavellian philosophy of governance.

Senator Sani criticized the government stating that their actions would endanger democracy and freedom as they tried to suppress citizens from raising their voices against perceived injustice. He further stated that democracy in Nigeria has always been a product of the history and culture of protests and the ruling elites are majorly beneficiaries of that culture of protest.

Speaking to journalists, he affirmed, "It's ironic that the very political class have now resorted to undermining and crippling the very democratic instruments they once so cherished.

“Protest is the pillar and the beam of democracy. The fear of revolution is the beginning of the revolution. A political class that called itself progressive should have no fear of revolution."

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