Governor el-Rufai
Governor el-Rufai

Nigerians Stranded As Protesters Block Abuja-Kaduna Expressway

Austin Papi

A handful of Nigerians were said to have been trapped for hours yesterday, as drivers and vehicle owners were blocked on both lanes of the Abuja-Kaduna highway.

According to reports, the road was blocked following the unfortunate death of one of the drivers, who was allegedly shot by a policeman for refusing to give N2000 to the officer. An eyewitness told journalists that the deceased, a J5 driver, was shot around midnight at a checkpoint near a floor mill company in Kaduna, leading to the massive traffic Jam, as his dead body was abandoned.

The driver was said to be transporting bags of rice to an unknown destination. The police reportedly accused him of smuggling the rice and requested a bribe of N2000. Further reports also suggest that a Dangote female truck driver was the first to arrive at the scene and she used her truck to block one of the lanes and other drivers joined her to block the other lane in protest of the illegal killing of the road user.

The angry drivers insisted that they would not remove the barricades until the Kaduna State Governor, Alhaji Nasir El Rufai, and the State Commissioner of Police addressed them.

Many motorists and road users were trapped at the scene while onlookers condemned the unfortunate incident. The public waits for the police to address the situation.

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