Nigeria Acquires Calibration Aircraft

Nigeria Acquires Calibration Aircraft

Margaret Solace

The Federal Government of Nigeria has received a calibration aircraft worth about $8.5m.

This aircraft will serve the purpose of providing a standardization of navigational aids to airports across the country.

This was made known by the Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika, through a social media post on his official Twitter handle.

“Just received new calibration aircraft for the country. (The) make is King Air 350i. Cost is $8.5m,” Sirika said.

He explained that the aircraft would further ensure the safety of airplanes in Nigeria’s airspace.

The minister also thanked President Muhammadu Buhari for the development, claiming that it started and finished during his tenure.

In addition, he stated that the country will rest from the $500,000 bi-annual airspace regulation contract signed with South Africa.

In the tweet thread, Sirika shared the numerous advantages of the calibration aircraft stating that it will help attune the country’s flight operations and equipment. He also stated that the country used to have a calibration aircraft but it had not been effective over the last two decades.

The aviation minister made it known that the acquisition of the aircraft was inspired by the reconstruction of the Abuja airport runway, as all the landing aids required recalibration in order to ensure that they were working perfectly.

He added that Nigeria did not have the resources as at the required time and concluded that the Nigerian airspace had become safer.

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