Repair Work To Begin On  Third Mainland Bridge
Third Mainland Bridge

Repair Work To Begin On Third Mainland Bridge

Austin Papi

The Federal Controller of Works in Lagos, Adedamola Kuti, has said that arrangements have been made to begin major repairs on the Third Mainland Bridge.

Kuti, who spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), announced that the results of investigative tests carried out on the bridge have been submitted to the contractors and they would begin work at the site to ensure completion of the traffic management architecture.

“We are also going to repair some of the piles or pillars carrying the bridge; that is the next phase that we are doing; so work will soon begin on Third Mainland Bridge.

“Work is ongoing on the Dorman Long Bridge, you can drive smoothly on it now and all the guard rails and expansion joints are being replaced.

“Also, at the intersection outwards Apapa and inwards Apapa from Costain area, there is a very bad expansion joint, I just gave instruction to fix it,” Kuti said.

Kuti further explained that, although the bad roads at the Apapa areas have affected the procurement of some project materials, he believes there are enough materials from Alaka Bridge expansion joint works to repair adjoining bridges on the Apapa-Ijora axis.

The Third Mainland Bridge, which has been renamed the biggest commercial road over the years, has finally been given attention following series of complaints.

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