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Communal Clash: Over 2000 Persons Flee Ebonyi Community

Communal Clash: Over 2000 Persons Flee Ebonyi Community

Austin Papi

Over 2,000 persons (excluding children) recently fled their village in the Ohaukwu Local Government Area (LGA) of Ebonyi State for fear of being killed by unknown gunmen.

Recent crisis in the state resulted in the death of about ten persons in Ukwagba Ngbo in Ohaukwu LGA, while four others were reportedly missing from the community. Ukwagba community is said to have a common boundary with Azadeene village whose occupants have allegedly fled for fear of being killed by the unknown gunmen who had on Saturday massacred nine persons.

Occupants of Ukwagba village, the Ngbo clan, had earlier accused occupants of Azadeene village, the Ezza clan, of invasion. As a result, the governor, Chief David Umahi, threatened to imprison community leaders of Ohaukwu LGA for permitting the crisis and killings to continue unabated.

“I am very embittered in my spirit. The first civilian governor from this state and the grandfather of Ebonyi state is from this local government area. And right inside here, I can see about seven past local government area chairmen.

“It is a shame on all of you. We did not come to paint pictures or clap for you. Do not deceive the government. Every day, Agila people have come. It is pure falsehood, you know what is happening to yourselves, you are killing yourselves.

“You should know people who is causing trouble in your domain. The traditional rulers should be able to fish out people who are causing trouble. We have not come with the message of comfort but to sound a note of warning,” the governor warned.