We’ll Defend Ourselves With Pepper Spray – Rivers Prostitutes

We’ll Defend Ourselves With Pepper Spray – Rivers Prostitutes

Debby O

Sex workers in Rivers State are not prepared to leave their trade and its attendant risks despite the fact that there might be serial killers on the prowl.

Recall that the notorious Rivers serial killer was arrested last week and the individual, identified as Gracious David West, confessed to the heinous crimes.

However, while officers of the Rivers State Police Command have intensified efforts to catch other serial killers that might still be lurking around, several sex workers are reportedly taking steps to protect themselves.

Some prostitutes in the state insist that they would move around with pepper spray as a form of defence against any attacker that might want to harm them.

According to reports, some of these sex workers have decided to mix pepper and water in a small bottle as a defensive measure.

“I have been in this trade for a long time and when we began to hear about the killings of girls in hotels, some of us agreed to be moving with pepper spray. We will apply the pepper spray on them if they come to kill us,” a prostitute said.

While it will not ensure total safety, it will serve as protection against potential attackers.

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