Man Rapes Co-Worker To Death While On Her Period

Debby O

Officers of the Ogun State Police Command have paraded one Eniola Adenuga, a mobile money agent in Abeokuta, for allegedly raping his co-worker, Faith Jude, to death and hiding her body for three days.

The suspect, after raping his co-worker to death, made a report to the police department.

In a bid to remove suspicion from himself, he said he found her body in front of the shop and he did not know who killed her.

The police suspected foul play when they saw marks of violence on the body of the deceased.

However, after thoroughly interrogating the suspect, the police realised that his story began to fall apart until he finally confessed to the crime.

Adenuga said that he took advantage of a rainy day when the deceased came to get money in the store for their boss.

The suspect said he pounced on her, gagged her with a piece of cloth, so she would not scream for help and raped her, not minding that she was on her menstrual period at the time.

He also said that he kept her corpse in the store for 5 days and dumped her at the entrance to the store when she began to smell.

The suspect said: “I raped her in the shop and she died in the process. She was also having her menstruation at that period. I kept her corpse in the store.

The police speculate that the victim died from her ordeal after suffocating on the gag and that may have stopped her breathing.

“In the early hours of the third day of the incident, I placed her corpse in front of the shop and went to report at Lafenwa police station that I found a corpse in front of our shop," Adenuga said.

“I had to confess during the investigation that I actually covered her mouth with her underwear while I raped her to death.”

Officers of the Lafenwa Police Division say he will face the full wrath of the law for his crime.

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