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Kogi Governorship: Police Commissioner Reacts To PDP’s Allegations  

Kogi Governorship: Police Commissioner Reacts To PDP’s Allegations  

Bernard Femi

Hakeem Busari, the Commissioner of Police for Kogi State, has refuted the allegations against him by the opposing party, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Members of the Peoples Democratic Party in the Lokoja Local Government Area of the state have passed a vote of no confidence in Busari, as they believe that he has been compromised and can no longer be trusted to oversee the upcoming elections.

They have further demanded that the commissioner be redeployed from the state before the commencement of the elections on November 16.

Busari released a statement denying the allegations made by the Peoples Democratic Party, insisting that their claims were malicious and lacked any form of truth.

He added that these claims were only made to tarnish his image as well as that of the general police force of the state.

According to him, it would be better for the opposing party, PDP, to channel their energy into creating solid campaigns rather than dragging him into their political games.