Medical Vacation: Babangida Returns From Switzerland     

Babangida arrives Nigeria from medical vacation.     

Funsho Akinwale

General Ibrahim Babangida, the former Military President, has returned to Nigeria after a seven-week medical vacation in Switzerland.

The ex-military president arrived at the Minna International Airport, Niger State, during the week.

Babangida expressed his appreciation and goodwill messages accorded him across the country during the vacation.

“I am feeling stronger and better now," he said.

"I must thank Nigerians immensely for the prayers and concerns over my health.

"I must use this opportunity to also call on Nigerians to continue to pray for the leaders and the country to move forward in positive direction.

“We should remain united and work collectively towards the progress of our nation by thinking positively about the leaders and providing constructive criticisms and solutions to any challenge we may face.”

On the state of the nation, Babangida noted that the current economic recession is not peculiar to Nigeria.

“I am aware that other countries face different political, social and economic challenges. I believe the current government is working assiduously towards addressing some of the issues.

“We need to support all arms and tiers of government in their efforts to ensure economic recovery and political stability,” he said.

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