94M Nigerians Currently Live Below Poverty Line —World Poverty Clock

94M Nigerians Currently Live Below Poverty Line —World Poverty Clock

Jayfred Ugo

Jayfred Ugo

The Oxfam International has announced that in their latest survey of Nigeria, no fewer than 94,470,535 million people in the country live below extreme poverty line, the World Poverty Clock reveals.

The Oxfam International Country Director, Constant Tchona, who visited Nigeria made the results of the survey known on Monday in Abuja during a program tagged "On the Road To Becoming an Influencing Hub."

At the event hosted by the organisation's Programme Quality Review and Planning meeting, Tchona explained that 91,501,377 people live below the benchmark of N684 daily in Nigeria.

He went on to bemoan the country's economy, as many people are falling into poverty every day.

Read his statement in full:

"The number of people living below the extreme poverty level as of April was 91,501,377, making Nigeria the world capital of poverty.

"As if that was not bad enough, at the moment, six months later, the number has jumped up to 94,470,535 people.

"What this means is that we have added 2,969,158 people more into extreme poverty.

“By comparison, this number is more than the population of Gambia and Cape Verde combined.

“At the current rate, Nigeria is not only offtrack to meet the Sustainable Development Goals but many now believe that up to 25 per cent of the world’s extreme poor will live in Nigeria by 2030.

“Nigeria's total population is 200,963,599 people according to the Worldometer and is to become the world’s third-largest country by 2050.”

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