Policeman Rapes 9-Year-Old Girl Inside Barracks

Policeman Rapes 9-Year-Old Girl Inside Barracks


A Nigerian policeman, Mohammed Alidu, has allegedly raped the 9-year-old daughter of a fellow police officer in Lagos State.

The 45-year-old policewoman, whose daughter was raped, told a Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court in Ikeja that the accused followed her daughter on her way home from school, forced her into his apartment in the barracks and raped her.

“On June 29, 2018, I was at work when my husband, who was out of Lagos, called to inform me that Sgt. Mohammed had defiled our daughter,” she said

“I went to the police station which is within the same compound of the barracks and my daughter was there.

“My daughter told me that when she was coming back from school, Mohammed called her but she ignored him."

“She said he forcefully took her to his apartment, put her on a bed, tore her underwear and defiled her.”

The policewoman added that they confirmed the defilement after the victim was taken to Mirabel Centre for medical examination.

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