“NDDC Should Prepare For Forensic Audit,” Obaseki Says

Eludoyin Oluwanisola

Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, has weighed in on the order of President Muhammadu Buhari for a forensic audit of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

The governor who received the acting Managing Director of NDDC, Dr Gbene Joi Nunieh, at the Government House in Benin, complained about the corruption in the NDDC, adding that the system’s rank was disadvantageous.

“To resolve the issue of corruption in NDDC, people must go to jail. Those who supervised and managed these contracts and every other person found culpable must be made to face the law,” he said.

“The NDDC has not been fair to Edo State as we have more abandoned projects in the state than other states. We are disappointed with the old management and board of NDDC.

“We insist on the forensic audit to ensure such doesn’t happen again. I hope that with the new acting MD, we would begin to do the right thing and move the region forward.

“The truth is that the governance arrangement of NDDC from top to bottom can’t develop the region. Its DNA is corruption. We see how NDDC contracts are traded and how much premium is paid on the contracts,” he said.

In defence, Dr Gbene said the commission had investigated and found out that some projects were abandoned because the contractors had gotten various contracts from different sources.

She added that they have gotten the documents ready for the forensic audit which will likely start in January 2020.

“President Muhammad Buhari has ordered for a forensic audit to commence and we have gotten documents ready and the process will start in January 2020.

“Since the commencement of its intervention in Edo State, the NDDC has embarked on 738 infrastructural conventional projects valued at over N118 billion. Of these, 48 valued at N36.6 billion, are reported as on-going or abandoned,” she said.

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