Ndudi Elumelu
Ndudi Elumelu

Minority Leader, Elumelu, Condemns Electricity Tariff Hike

Yusuf Dotun

The minority leader of the House of Representatives, Ndudi Elumelu, has stood against the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) on the increase in electricity bills.

The approval to increase the electricity bills was given in December 2019 by NERC and is set to take effect in April 2020.

Elumelu said increasing the electricity bills was not a good move, due to the situation of the economy.

While speaking with reporters, he said increasing the electricity bills would affect various sectors across the country.

“Electricity is important to all Nigerians so it shouldn’t be increased in order not to affect the good people of the country,” said Elumelu.

The minority leader promised that all minority representatives would not stop the protest against the increment in electricity bills until necessary measures are taken.

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