It’s Not Early To Discuss 2023 Presidential Election - Gbadamosi

It’s Not Early To Discuss 2023 Presidential Election - Gbadamosi

David Ugbabe

The former governorship candidate of the African Democratic Congress in Lagos State, Mr Babatunde Gbadamosi, in an interview on Sunday, stated that it was not too early to start having discussions on the 2023 presidential election.

According to Babatunde, PDP ignored the antecedents of General Buhari. He explained that for whatever reason, many Nigerians refused to take account of Buhari’s antecedents when they were voting in the 2015 election.

"Of course, we also knew there were irregularities, under-age voting in the North. We know that the majority of the votes that came from the North will not ordinarily count in a real democracy," he said.

He reiterated: "If we are going to be talking about the presidential election in 2023, we had better start so that we can interrogate the past of the people that would want to take us to the ‘extra level’ because we are now in the ‘next level’.

“We need to bring them into the cold light of the day and examine their antecedents. If any person is presenting himself for public office he needs to be scrutinised and investigated otherwise some of these things impact us as people when they get into office."

Gbadamosi weighed in on the squabble which occurred at the Presidential Villa where the First Lady was locked out from some rooms by “some people who were not elected to be in government and yet they have an immense amount of power in this administration."

He described the event as “disgraceful”, adding: "How much more lowly do we want to drag the seat of office in Nigeria?"

He noted, "We need to know who our leaders are, their family, children, economic lifestyle or extravagant displays of wealth. We need to know if they have done anything in the past that could bring the office to disrepute."

Speaking on where the presidency should go at the expiration of the Buhari-led administration, Gbadamosi said: "I think it is unfair that the Igbo people have been shut out from the office of the President of Nigeria for as long as Nigeria has existed. I think it is grossly unfair and it is deliberate."

"The northerners have had their chance from different parts of that region (North-Central, North-East, and North-West)," he added.

The former governorship aspirant said: "We need to wake up to decide whether we want to live together or live apart. If they say the Presidency should not come to the South in 2023, then let us end Nigeria and stop deceiving ourselves."

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