Moringa Farm
Moringa Farm

Moringa Farmers To Plant 10 Million Trees, Provide Employment 

Eludoyin Oluwanisola

President, Moringa Farmers and Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, Mr Femi Ashimashiga, on Tuesday, in Abuja announced the association’s plans to plant 10 million trees to solve unemployment.

Ashimashiga said the Moringa Oleifera, popularly called drumstick tree, is drought resistant and has several health benefits.

He mentioned that N9 billion naira was budgeted for that and it was the association's efforts to help the nation's development.

The president who added that a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will be signed and that youths will be given plots of land and Moringa seeds for free to plant and harvest. He also noted that it would be distributed among the 774 local Governments in Nigeria.

Speaking further, he said Nigeria’s moringa is one of the best in the world.

“Nigeria’s moringa is one of the best in the whole world, unfortunately, it is not on the list of agricultural products and we will keep clamouring for it to be included to help solve the problem of unemployment.

“Supporting the moringa farmers will help everyone because we have the best moringa in the world, our foreign off takers have come to see it and what one hectare of moringa produces, 50 hectares of rice can’t produce,” he said.

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