Nigeria Lacks Capacity To Handle Coronavirus - Senator Utazi

Nigeria Lacks Capacity To Handle Coronavirus - Senator Utazi


Senator Chukwua Utazi, the Chairman, Senate Committee on Primary Healthcare and Communicable Diseases, has cried out that Nigeria lacks the adequate capacity to handle outbreaks of diseases not just the deadly coronavirus.

During an oversight visit of the Senate Committee on Health to the Port Health Services at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport and the Apapa Seaport in Lagos, Utazi said that the country should put appropriate mechanisms in place so as to prevent the disease rather than putting much energy in fighting the disease without proper measures being in place.

The senator went further to say that waiting to have an issue before looking for preventive measures doesn’t provide any solution as regards health which is very unfortunate.

He stressed that permanent structures should be in place to solve any health problems regardless of there being an outbreak or not. At every point of entry, necessary things should be put in place.

Utazi made mention of training for port officials, as a lot of gap needs to be filled to prepare us for any kind of disease outbreak. Such gaps include health workers at the airport and seaport, as there are no doctors at Apapa Seaport while MMIA has one doctor only.

Since these channels are being used daily, we are more exposed to outbreaks as the seaport’s health is not connected to modern technology likewise the deficit of equipment to provide immediate response.

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