Amotekun Bill Will Be Signed On Friday - Fayemi

Amotekun Bill Will Be Signed On Friday - Fayemi

Eludoyin Oluwanisola

Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi, has announced plans to make the South-West Security Network codenamed, Operation Amotekun, legalised and official by Friday.

He received the bill’s draft from the Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Olawale Fapounda (SAN), on Monday.

Operation Amotekun had its bill drafted while the speakers of Houses of Assembly agreed to give the bill accelerated passage.

Convincingly, Fayemi said, “My colleagues and I were still in discussion about this yesterday (on Sunday) and we have promised ourselves that this will be given accelerated discussion in our various state executive councils this week and we also send it expeditiously to our various houses of assembly this week.

“Our discussions with our speakers who had been really waiting for this, some of them had been recalling other honourable members from recess in order to give this an accelerated passage in their various legislature, so that by Friday the 14th of February, the bill that hopefully would have been passed would be assented to simultaneously in the six states of the Southwest.

“The House will sit tomorrow (today). We are not on recess. I can confirm to you that the bill on Amotekun will be received tomorrow. It could be considered for first reading by Thursday.”

Falsifying rumors about Amotekun being exclusive for Southwest indigenes only, Fayemi said, “A lot of people have misconstrued the essence of the Amotekun security network. It is not about an exclusive protection of indigene of the Southwest. It is about safety and security of every person resident in the six states of the Southwest, regardless of where they might have come from. As long as there are legitimately and legally resident in every part of the states, we consider it our duty, we consider it our responsibility to protect them.

“The bill is going to talk on ensuring our highways are free from banditry, armed robberies, kidnappers and all forms of brigandage.

“To that extent, it is a logical extension of the community policing initiative that President Muhammadu Buhari has assented to, that the Inspector General of Police has already communicated to various police formations across the country.”

Adding to his statement, Osun State Governor, Adegboyega Oyetola, through his Chief Press Secretary, Ismail Omipidan. He said it should be abundantly clear that Amotekun has nothing to do with religion and has no religious colouration whatsoever.

“Those who are insinuating that it is aimed at elevating one religion over the other are probably being misinformed about the origin of Amotekun. Crime, rape, banditry have no religion and tribe,” he said.

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